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The pink sand is Just the Beginning

Welcome to the pristine and beautiful Flamingo Point
located on Cat Island in the Bahamas

Walk along our secluded paradise on the untouched and untamed shores! In the winter, our resort welcomes adventurous sailors and kiteboarders who seek the thrill of the winds. As the warmer months roll in, we open our doors to the yoga community, offering a serene escape to reconnect with nature amidst the gentle and unspoiled beauty of Cat Island. Embrace tranquility as you stroll or bike through acres of scenic trails, meandering through organic produce gardens, an ornamental nursery, and a breathtaking landscape dotted with hundreds of palm trees and native Bahamian plants and shrubs.

Flamingo Point Car Island

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A unique ocean front community

Ocean Front home sites with breathtaking views of both near shore reefs and the brilliant blue of the deep ocean

Discover your dream island living with our selection of available real estate lots, each offering its unique allure. If you crave the soothing sound of waves and the gentle touch of sea breeze, our beachfront lots are perfect for you. Embrace the breathtaking views and build your waterfront haven where the pink sands meet the sparkling blue waters.

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Stay months, weeks, or a day, the island vibes flow endlessly

Nestled along the pristine and unexplored northern shore of Cat Island, our vision is to craft a captivating eco-style resort and retreat, open to guests all year round. Embracing a small yet luxurious concept, our resort spans acres of prime beachfront property. As you journey through this enchanting oasis, you’ll find charming cottages and a delightful Tiki bar.

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Resort-style amenities are no match for the natural surroundings, there is something for everyone

Discover a tranquil island destination where time slows down, and nature’s wonders come alive. Immerse yourself in the rich local culture, unwind on pristine beaches, and explore lush, untouched landscapes teeming with wildlife. Engage in thrilling activities such as biking on scenic trails and partaking in a variety of water sports, making this serene paradise an ideal haven for adventure seekers and nature enthusiasts alike.

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Situated on the serene northern shore of the pristine Cat Island

You can reach Cat Island, Bahamas, either by air with direct or connecting flights from major international airports or by sea through private boat charters and ferries from neighboring islands.